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Hi! I'm Joanna, a Certified Nutritional Practitioner practicing in the field of Nutritional Genetics. 

(That's a fancy way of saying that I look at your DNA, then tell you how to eat according to your unique genes). 

Some may call it Gene Cuisine, others may call it magic, but the technical term is 'Nutrigenomics'.


Through the science of nutrigenomics, combined with the support of diet & lifestyle coaching, I work to provide you with your own genetic roadmap, empowering you to side-step chronic disease & freeing you up to pursue a lifetime of vibrant health.


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Imagine a lightbulb…

with a flick of a finger, you can turn the power “On” or “Off”, or in the case of a dimmer switch you can adjust the intensity of the bulb “Up” or “Down”, resulting in more or less light. Similarly, when we look at your DNA, we can use epigenetic switches, such as diet and lifestyle cues, to adjust the expression of your genes. With your genetic report in hand, we can create a powerful framework for your best long-term health, based on your unique genes. The goal is to help you understand exactly what your body needs to thrive - so that you're empowered to optimize your health - one meal, one lifestyle choice, and one day at a time.


First, we'll do a test specifically looking at genes that have a clear connection to diet and lifestyle. There are no needles and no invasive procedures. Your DNA is collected from a saliva sample, then sent off to the lab for evaluation. When your results are ready, you'll learn how your body is wired to thrive. You’ll receive an in-depth report detailing how to use diet and lifestyle choices to support the genetics you were born with, you'll also receive one-on-one guidance and support to make sense of it all and put everything into practice. It's important to understand that we are not trying to change your genes, but rather we'll work with the genetic hand you've been dealt to support any systems in your body where your genes aren't set up to operate efficiently.  We'll use diet and lifestyle as powerful tools to provide the support your body needs so that you can make the most of your good genes, and work around any challenges.

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